Most of the girls are using Hijab to cover their head and also wearing fashionable Borka in Bangladesh

dubai borka

Modesty fashion, a growing trend.  A new age of Islamic fashion is dawning. This Fashion today is moving and passing between different continents as more people travel the world and bring traditional influences back to their own countries. People are increasingly showing they want to wear clothes influenced by Islamic culture as countries that are not yet very Islamic are starting to be.

In Bangladesh most of the girls are using Hijab to cover their head and also wearing fashionable Borka. In higher class Parties women are using party Borka as their fashion. The growth and expansion of the Muslim middle class and their penetration into Western society are making them more dress and fashion conscious.

As more and more Muslim men and women become educated and take up professions and develop businesses, they adopt modernism with a touch of Islamic tradition to match their modern lifestyles. It is shown that aside from making abayas decorated with crystal beads, pearls, embroidery, satin flowers, and other colorful adornments, designers are also introducing dramatic new styles, fabrics, and colors to Islamic dresses.

High-end designers such as Dubai Borka also trying to break into the Muslim market with Borka, Hijabs, Abaya, scarves and other products. Our designers are growing more aware of what the Bangladeshi women want. We are being more open-minded about combinations of colors, fabrics, higher standards in terms of finishing and techniques and the design in general.

Hijab is now popular as the name of Hijab fashion or hijab style to the young girls in our country. So we are trying to fulfill their needs with colorful and stylish Hijabs. We have also Party Hijabs who would like to wear those hijabs in parties. Women are searching on youtube about hijab style or how to wear hijab. Dubai Borka is offering their customers video tutorial to show them how to be fashion with hijab.

Dubai Borka is the Bangladeshi first Online Brand shop who brought to your door the Islamic fashion.

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