15 Tips on How to Style and Wear hijab

15 Tips on How to Style and Wear hijab

Hijab is represented to by several names, some of the most familiar of which are a veil or a headscarf. Most Muslims who clothing the covering call it a hijab (حجاب), an Arabic word meaning “cover.” However, there are several types of hijab that are referred to by distinct names. While hijab is generally associated with females, Muslim males also sometimes dress a head covering as a means of exposing implicit.Furthermore, Christian and Jewish women in some societies wear a headscarf as a traditional procedure or responsibility to modesty or religiousness.

There are various types of hijab the most common is that a square scarf that covers the head and neck and leaves the face open.  There is some hijab name:

Shayla: It’s a long and rectangular scarf that wrapped loosely around the head and pin at the shoulders.

Khimar: It’s a long cape-like scarf hangs to the middle of the back. It leaves the face open but covers the head, neck and shoulders.

Chador: It’s a long cloak. It covers the entire body.

Niqab: Its main purpose to cover face, mouth, and nose. But leaves the eyes open.

Burqa: It covers the entire face and body and leaves small mesh screen that woman can see through.

There are several types of ways and style to wear hijab. 15 most attractive and cool styling wearing hijab are given below.

According to your face, there have some hijab styling tips are mentioned –

Kuwait hijabs for the Square shaped face.

Turkish hijab style for Round shaped face.

Al Amirah is suited for the Long shaped face.


Method to Wear hijab:

  • Bend the scarf into a triangle.
  • Place scarf on your top head with 1 side longer than the another and one below the chin.
  • Take lengthier side and cover it behind your head and bring it to the another side.
  • Place the scarf behind your head and at the shoulder.


  1. Chest covering style is the most common style, especially for teen girls. You just want to do Bend a rectangular piece of scarf sideways and attach again with 1 side longer than the another. Cover the longer side on your head holding ample piece over your chest in folds and protect with a pin.
  2. If you want to show your ear r jewelry this hijab tips for you. Tightly knot your hijab over the head cap and rub circles earring or hanging or bumpy ones as jewelry will not show in it and you need them to sparkle.
  3. The easiest and simple way is Tie a pin below your cheek in a Turkish fashion and then convey the longer side on your head and bending it back and 4th till 3 to 4 folds. Safe them through a pin or a brooch.
  4. For any occasions with side bun, hijab style is perfect. You need 2 pieces of the rectangular scarf. The first scarf is as simple hijab and then take the second plain scarf and tie it in bends covered near by your head and take both of the left portion of scarf to one side. Bring the principal scarf over your head and attach it with a pin and bend the second portion in a bun shape and safe with a broach.
  5. Women who enjoy to going out hangouts and parties can wear animal printed hijab scarf. It’s a cooler look hijab style.
  6. Another hijab style is Turkish. The ends of the hijab are either left hanging behind the shoulder or tied at the front to prevent voluminous views. Turkish hijabs are also really fond of bare colored hijabs which can be scuffed with almost any clothes.
  7. To wear hijab with skirts then you may use Moroccan hijab style.
  8. For Decent and Easy style hijab. You wear your below cap and just wrap the hijab around it in around movement.
  9. When you wear with long coats you should wear Iraqi hijab style. Take the scarf and place over your head and pin at your neck also take one end wrap it around head and pin it downside.
  10. Modern Arabian Style is most attractive style. First place the scarf over your head in an equal manner. Flip it on your head. Take another end and flip it over your head. Place the second scarf over your head with two same lengths. Loose end of the 1st scarf in front.
  11. In Oral Arabian style grab your scarf and place it over your head and take both over side. Wrap it right around your head tuck in the loose end. Pin to your scarf.
  12. Easily add Brown Boots to your large dress. It will build the suit cozy fall one right away. Do not forget to grab warm legging below if the weather is too formal.
  13. Ponchos are a principal piece for every hijabi. And also add lots of Chunky Accessories like big ring you wore here or chain design bracelets or a lovely attractive necklace.
  14. If the dress or skirt you wear is of colorful print, then you prefer to have boots and in the Matching Color so as the entire clothing looks as a nice ensemble.
  15. Dian pelangi style is perfect for traveling. For this style, pin your hijab under chain and then tuck extra part of the hijab inside your dress and then wear another contrasting color shirt over pants.








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